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Templex is a decently sized completely Vanilla survival server.

Breaking the Boundaries of Vanilla!

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide the best Vanilla survival experience!
We wish to hit a goal of 20,000 unique players this year!

We do this by providing players a friendly atmosphere for them to
hang out with friend and to make more friends! We are always up-
to-date with the latest snapshot or release.

What Sets Us Apart?

We only run Vanilla jars; thus making us the most popular
and fastest growing Vanilla server on the planet!

Because of this, we have to use ingenious ways to use our
server! These ways include: a Discord bot that keeps track of
bans, ops, and even server chat; a Votifier using Rcon to give
players Karma and items for Voting; and a properly working
TPA system!

We also have an amazing team of staff, from humble Helpers
to system-savy Sysadmins. We take pride in our staff on the
Templex server, for they are hand-chosen by the Owner!

Vote for Us

Voting helps us gain more players to potentially support the server.
Thus, allowing us to upgrade our host machines. Thus, giving you
a better playing experience!

Contact Us

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